Print ready designs set to the proper resolution . 

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download and start designing with your favorite Program.

For use on t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, cell phone cases, towels, leggings or just about anything else you can imagine. We recommend “Prinful” but there are plenty to choose from.

*All Text Designs Are Copyright Protected

Perfect for T-Shirts

Hoodies & Pillows

What In The World Are Print Ready Files

Simply put, print ready files are those that are ready to take to a print shop and have placed on… as an example, a t-shirt or a pillow cushion. They are called print-ready because no further action is required on your part, preparation wise.

Tell Me More About "Print Ready".

When we say “print-ready”, we mean it is a file that has all the specifications needed to produce a high-resolution print product, without requiring any additional alteration or intervention.

Why Do I Need Print Ready Files.

Low quality and low resolution images produce terrible, ugly, hideous printing but many people don’t understand the relationship between quality and resolution.

What If I Just Ordered A Product Online.

Sure, you can order a product online but unfortunately you don’t have much, if any, control over what you will receive and when you will receive it. Why take the chance?  

HD Printfiles Make Designing a Breeze

Included With Your Purchase

  • PNG + PSD Text Files with black and white font (1 each).
  • OR 1  PNG + PSD image file.
  • Reproduction Permitted.

Starting At $3.95 Per Image!

Compare at $7.95 or more for inferior quality and size.

All of our designs are 300 dpi at 4000 pixels and color coded CMYK for commercial printing.

Our designs are great on t-shirts!

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Discount Pricing

Looking to purchase images or text designs in bulk? Choose the plan that’s right for you. These choices are completely optional. As little as one design may be purchased without penalty. Bulk price plans are intended as a money saver only. 

Option A

% 5
Off Per Purchase
  • 3-5 Images
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Text Or Images Only
  • No Coupon Required

Option B

% 10
Off Per Purchase
  • 6-10 Images
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Text Or Images Only
  • No Coupon Required

Option C

% 15
Off Per Purchase
  • 11-15 Images
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Text Or Images Only
  • No Coupon Required

Try Our Designs On

Searching for quality printfiles is now a thing of the past. You can use our designs on almost anything without the worry of a blurry outcome.

Incase you were wondering...

Included with every order.

  • 2 .PNG files with black or white font.
  • 2 .PSD files with black and white font.
  • Files may be printed on anything.

Our Happy clients!

"Printfiles fills a void that I've been searching for a long time. Creating designs is not easy if your not familiar with Photoshop."
Diana Burnwood
"Thanks for the beautiful designs and for making it so easy to use. My life just got better."
Jessica Foxx​
"I use your designs on everything! Thanks Printfiles."
Lily Granger​

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